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Opera extravangnza March 2019
Sunday 31st March

Wexford Sinfonia was formed in 1993 with Fergus Sheil as conductor. In September 1998 Alan Cutts took over the position when Fergus went to Scotland to work with Scottish Opera. On his return, in December 2002, Fergus once again took on the job of directing the Sinfonia.

The instrumentalists, who include professional, semi-professional and amateur players, are drawn from all over the South East, and come from as far afield as Dublin. There are two compulsory rehearsal weekends for each season, which take place on Saturday afternoons and evenings and Sunday mornings and afternoons. Sectional rehearsals are also organised, as required, but these are not compulsory. At the end of each season two concerts are performed, one in Wexford and the other in a neighbouring town or county.

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